The Fire Between High & Lo
the elements series book 2 There once was a boy, and I loved him. follow link xxx cartoon net Logan Francis Silverstone and I were complete opposites. I danced, and he stood still. He was quiet, while I ran my mouth. He struggled to find a smile, and I refused to frown. milf solo cam go site The night I saw the darkness that truly lived inside of him, I couldn't look away. go here We were broken together, yet somehow whole. We were wrong together, but always right. We were the stars that burned across the night sky, searching for a wish, praying for better tomorrows. here Until the day I lost him. He threw us away with one hasty decision--a decision that changed us forever. There once was a boy, and I loved him. homemade shy ameteur threesome massage fuck see And for a few breaths, a few whispers, a few moments, I think he loved me, too.
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